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Your accommodation in Haapsalu:
Student accommodation at Vanalinna Hostel/Bowling
You are the only inhabitants of the hostel for the duration of the IP.
The common kitchen has: a stove, fridges, water heater, toaster, pots, pans, cutlery etc.
No need to bring towels, bed sheets. They are changed once a week.
There is a TV corner for common use.
Bowling discount for you is -15% of the ordinary price (student discount).
Pool/billiard 1,60€ per game.
Sauna can be used: up to 10 people first hour 25.50 and every following hour 22.50 (Haapsalu also has 2 excellent SPAs Fra Mare and Laine).
Free wireless connection is available throughout the building (including your rooms).
Laundry can be done in town. However, the hostel offers transportation to and from the laundromat for an extra 5€.

Weekend information:
14,15 April are days for optional trips to Tallinn and Hiiumaa
If you join the planned trips the only extra costs for you will be lunches on Saturday and Sunday
and the ferry return tickets to Hiiumaa (2.56€ total if you can prove that you are a student or 5.12€ if you can not).
You may want to stay in Tallinn or do something totally different.
Here are some links to help those who would like to discover the capital of Estonia on their own:
- hostels in Tallinn
- bus connection between Tallinn and Haapsalu

NB!! If you choose to not stay in Haapsalu for any of the nights, you won't lose your room in Vanalinna hostel in Haapsalu.
However, you have to take care of any extra costs you might have while away (independent travel, overnight satys anywhere else in Estonia, food, etc).

What to bring to Haapsalu:
- an outfit for the theme party "Cops'n'robbers" on the 12th of April;
- nice but comfortable "restaurant clothes" for the final evening on the 19th of April;
- things (pictures, videos, music, food, drink, flags etc,etc), ideas for your country's international evening;
- your school's printed introductory materials for the international fair on the 16th of April (your teachers should be able to help with that) or anything else that might be good for introducing your school and town/country at the fair;
- very good (waterproof) walking shoes for the weekend trips along with windproof and waterproof clothing (a jacket).

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