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First group blogs:

Super Bloggers, Matthew, Sophie, Rune, Merlin, - Liva, Anders, Alice, Pille - Ulf, Amy, Camilla, Mari - Elin, Sabine, Maria, Tanya - Charlotte, Kaia, Jette & Tommy --> Ayla, Ruta, Kristjan, Lise - Kersti, Christin, Zoe and Yvonne

Haapsalu in Word Clouds

Activedstil : Tom, Ida, Liis and Stine - Kristian, Heidi, Jaanali, Katrina Laura, Pia, Ketter, Nina

Finalised videos Charlotte, kaia, jette and tommy

Second group blogs: Zoe, Ida, Pille & Ruta Charlotte, Heidi, Nina & Mari - Liis, Camilla, Tanya and Rune - Yvonne, Maria, Amy, Merlin Jette, Kristian, Kristjan,and Alice Kersti, Laura, Ulf and Sabine Sophie, Jaanali, Cristin and Stine

Group 1 - Ayla, Ketter, Matt & Tommy