The programme
April 8
Arrival of the students and staff of partner universities in Estonia
(travel to Haapsalu and accommodation)
April 9
Introduction to the course.
Introduction of students and teachers – icebreaker
Presentation of pre task: video-blogs with students’ presentations
Task 1: High tech videos: storyboard of the first educational video.
April 10
Ethics and laws concerning use of video in education
Continue task 1: Filming
April 11
Continue task 1: Video editing (video editing software)
Interactive methodologies
April 12
Continue task 1: Publication of videos (youtube etc) and video presentations
Media tools in education(theory andpractice)
Related pedagogy of ICT (filmmaking)
April 13
Continue task1: Analysing the student-generated videos.
Media production(theory and practice)
Student video blogs: summary of analysis of their own educational video.
April 14
Cultural programme
April 15
Cultural programme
International evening
April 16
Task2: Filming "lowch" educational videos (screen casts, mobile phones’ video functionality, photostory).
April 17
Continue task 2: Filming and editing low tech educational videos
April 18
Continue task 2: Publication and presentation of videos.
Analysing each other’s educational videos.
Preparation for Läänemaa school visits
April 19
Educational video testing in Läänemaa schools.
April 20
Student video blogs: Reflections
Final evening – Gala
April 21
Departure of the students and staff of partner universities from Haapsalu and Estonia.