Dear students for Bootcamp 2012 in Haapsalu,

1) Before you go to Haapsalu you are to make videos in groups.
Aim: to get to know each other in the national teams, to start working with the video media, and to present yourselves to the other participants in the project.

What to do: Make a short video about yourself, your city, your college, and becoming or being a teacher in your country. Each national group will be given a focus area. There are max. 3 groups per country. The participating teachers will specify the task, the groups and the number of working hours. The videos are to be presented to the other participants and at an educational fair at Haapsalu College in Estonia.

Length: max. 3-4 minutes
Ideas for choice of format and genre:
- documentary-type with portraits of you, interviews, etc
- advertisement or tourist information, etc
- a collage
NB: be aware of copyrights of music and pictures

The videos are to be embedded in this wiki page: Pretask videos.
Deadline: March 30th, 2012.

2) Each student, please find 2 short videos (max 5 minutes) from e.g. Youtube, that could be used in your classroom. Bring the URL of the videos to Haapsalu.

3) Students from each country prepare an international evening in Haapsalu, e.g. the Norwegian students prepare "The Norwegian night" etc. This may include tastes from your country, music, clothes etc...

4) Each student adds a picture and his / her first name at our wiki-page called Student profiles.