BOOTCAMP: Response to your videos – week 1:
Response groups: each person will either ask a question or give a comment - at the presentation - and at the blogs of the groups (write a comment):
A) These could be concerning technical aspects (how did you do that? why did you do it like that? You could have…)

B) Consider whether the following points are clear:
  • Purpose?
  • Age group?
  • Subject?
  • Use of film language? (think of your film vocabulary)
  • Type of video: instruction, drama, presentation, art, documentary…..
  • Composition, setting, camera use, editing
a) Elin, Sabine, Maria, Tanya ->
b) Charlotte, Kaia, Jette & Tommy->
c) Ayla, Ruta, Kristjan, Lise->
d) Kersti, Christin, Zoe and Yvonne->
e) Tom, Ida, Liis, Stine->
f) Matthew, Sophie, Merlin, Rune->
g) Kristian, Heidi, Jaanali, Katrina->
h) Liva, Anders , Alice, Pille ->
i) Ulf, Amy, Camilla, Mari->
j) Laura, Pia, Ketter, Nina -> group a