General evaluation

Evaluation form for ERASMUS programme reporting
Please fill electronically and send to Mari ( latest by 27th of April.

Video evaluation task

Work in “week 2”-groups.
  • Use a mobile phone (or an iPad).
  • Record a short video (2-5 minutes) where you evaluate the ActivEd IP (Key words: week 1, week 2, school visit, group work, expectation vs reality, learning outcome).
    • Think about the light, the audio quality and remember to keep the camera still.
  • Upload the video to Youtube, and embed the video intothe Evaluation page of the ActivEd-wiki:

Please embed your evaluation videos below:
(Click the "Widget" button, choose "video" + "youtube". Follow instructions).

Heidi, Mari, Nina Charlotte

Tanya, Camilla, Liis and Rune

Ida, Zoe, Pille, Ruta

Stine, Christin, Jaanali, Sophie.

Ayla, Matt, Ketter, Tommy

Alice, Jette, Kristian, Kristjan

Liva, Kaia, Pia, Tom part 1 part 2

Group 7. anders, lisa, elin, katrina: